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You live and thrive in an industry where you are constantly on the go and often away from home base. Business information and operational requests flood your inbox, often lost within the over-abundance of email chatter. JET-TXT® was developed to ease the burden of obtaining weekly Jet Fuel Price Notifications while also allowing the flexibility to accept or request a jet fuel order at your convenience. JET-TXT® incorporates the latest in Financial Technology (FinTech) through the use of SAP Data Integration, Interactive Text Messaging and Blockchain Smart Contracts. JET-TXT® combines the latest API functionality and security while providing conveniences of digital transformation.

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JET-TXT® is a new service that allows you to review your weekly price notifications and confirm orders right from your phone via text message.  After initial setup, you’ll receive the weekly price, including tax and transportation costs.  You select your preferred delivery date and time window and confirm the order simply by tapping your response.  JET-TXT® works wherever you are in the world, and the process takes a matter of seconds.


Provide a personal and convenient service to accommodate the workstyles of aviation professionals.


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