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With an opening rate of over 90%, text messaging is the most commonly accepted and user-friendly means of communicating in this fast-paced world. JET-TXT® interactive text messaging incorporates the newest in Financial Technology, allowing your online business to directly connect with your customer base. You can send scheduled reminders of commonly purchased products allowing them to review and select items for purchase with a few simple taps.

If your customer chooses to place an order at a later date, they can simply send a “Reorder” text to their designated number, and their purchase history will become available. Your customer can select the necessary items and securely complete the purchase utilizing their Profile maintained by the respective online retailer.

JET-TXT® is a fully developed API incorporating SAP Data Integration, Interactive SMS, and Blockchain Smart Contracts. The integration of Financial Technology for your organization provides the Security, Data Management, Reconciliation, and Trusted Payment necessary to meet the challenges of Digital Transformation. JET-TXT® provides tools to promote and manage your e-commerce business while providing customers the conveniences to generate return sales.


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