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Jet Fuel Refiners and Marketers

Is it more productive for your business to provide Weekly Price Notifications to your National and Global customer base in an effective and timely manner?  Current methods of sending emails often get lost in the typical in-box overload.  With an opening rate of over 90%, text messaging is the most commonly accepted and user-friendly means of communicating in this fast-paced world.  JET-TXT® will provide your organization with the ability to distribute throughout Local, National, and Global networks, weekly Jet fuel price notifications directly to the customer via text messaging.

Once the text message is received, your customer can choose to proceed with an order or decline in a few simple taps.  Not ready to place an order, no problem.  If your customer chooses to place an order later in the week, they can simply send a “Fuel Order” text to their designated number and the current price notification and delivery prompts will again be available.

Your organization gains a quick, efficient method of communication to reduce sale cycle from initial notification through order placement.  JET-TXT® further reduces follow-up time on notifications since it provides your customer the ability to effortlessly schedule or place a second order at their convenience.  All this activity can be linked to existing customer information, pricing and invoicing currently maintained by respective fuel provider. Utilizing Blockchain Smart Contracts, all parties within the designated Blockchain community will have access via dashboard to view transaction data while providing security, ease of reconciliation and trusted payment.


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